Learning Objectives

Help your child  learn to love math by making it fun and clear! My goal when working with students is for each client to have a strong understanding of  math concepts and have the tools to appropriately and efficiently solve problems. 

I specialize in math remediation. I help find where students have gaps and then work with them where they need a stronger picture of the concept.  By incrementally building math concepts with the students, they are able to understand complex concepts and solve problems on their own. 

Flash cards not working for your child?    I use a variety of tools, including multisensory imaging, to help students learn their math facts. This helps students retain math facts much more effectively than flashcards. 

Students have a diversity of processing styles, and I am able to help meet many of the instructional needs of students by using color coding, working with manipulatives, tapping rhythms, and using images, to name a few.

As a former middle school teacher, I know what students need to know for both middle and high school. I will seek to give your child what they need to know to be sucessful and prepared for the math class that they are in and also that is ahead of them. 

I always seek to make learning math fun.  I often incorporate a game that reinforces a student's learning during the session so they are enjoying the experience and gaining confidence on the concepts we work on.