"We love Sarah! My 9 year old daughter is not very confident in her math abilities and
compares herself to her twin brother. Sarah is incredibly patient and makes each session
fun and relaxing. She asks if there is anything in particular we want her to concentrate
on. My daughter loves going to see her and shows me all the helpful hints she learns each
week in a notebook (provided by Sarah). I cannot recommend Sarah enough. Oh and she
has a super comfortable couch for the grown ups!"
-Ann, San Francisco.

"Emma really enjoys her sessions, which is not a typical reaction for her from previous (2 years ago) tutor sessions." -Helen, mother of a seventh grade student in Pacifica. 

"Since working with Sarah, my daughter has greatly improved her math skills, gained loads of confidence and has come to enjoy math, at home and at school."  – Andrea Callan, mother of a 3rd grade student 

"(My son) is really enjoying your hourly tutoring class and I think it is helping him to overcome his anxiety of doing the wrong thing!"  – Mother of an 8th grade student at St. Gabriel's 

"Andrea really enjoys coming to you every Monday and I do think it's given her an extra boost in math confidence. I haven't heard her once say she hates math since she started with you! What a wonderful thing."   -Chiara, mother of a fourth grade student at Alverado 

"A quote from Jeremy today: 'I'm hoping that I can take Geometry this summer. So that I can take Calculus when I'm a Senior.' I all but teared up. Miss Math FTW."  -Jason Schatz, godfther of a freshman in high school